Benefits of Yoga

The effects of a consistent, well-informed yoga practice are profound and make long lasting changes in your body, your mind and the rest of your life.  Yoga postures not only stretch and strengthen muscles and fascia, but also can:

  •     calm the mind and nervous system

  •     help you understand and discover this body your have been gifted

  •     increase oxygen throughout the body and brain

  •     replenish the energy in the body

  •     strengthen the lungs

  •     tone and rejuvenate the endocrine glands 

  •     massage and tone the organs, creating a detoxifying effect

  •     help to harmonize the hormones

  •     improve digestion through toning of the colon.

  •     keep the spine supple and the joints lubricated

  •     realign the posture

  •     relieve pain and discomfort within the body

  •     help to regulate and ease the menstrual cycle

  •     help regulate weight

Here’s is a little inspiration on the power of yoga