Welcome to the Vancouver Yoga Center!
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To give you the best experience possible, read through these class-time tips

  • Plan on checking into your class 10 minutes before your class starts.

You’ll be happier if you have a little time to settle in and center.


  • Props. The majority of our online live stream classes are prop free or use minimal props you can find around your home. If a class is needed a prop it will be listed in the notes/description of the class. Props you may want to invest in as they can be helpful. Mat, block, strap(could be a Theraband) 4 inch rubber squishy massage balls link here.

  • Do not eat a big meal 2-3 hours before class. If you have blood sugar issues it is ok to eat something light or even fruit before class.

  • Check in with your teacher before class. 

Especially your first few classes at the studio, help us know how we can help you: Do you have injuries or ailments?

  • Go at your own pace in the class. It is okay to slow down, come out of a pose sooner or even not go as deep. Realize that everyone is a unique person. NOBODY will look the same in the yoga poses and this is not expected. Some days you will have more energy than others. Going at your own pace means also to back off when needed for your body in that moment and that day. You may be surprised to find that what you found to be really hard or challenging one day isn't so much the next time. A general rule for beginners is to do about 50% of what you think you can do the first class, 75% the second class and finally 100% the third class. This will be a nice gentle progression for your body.

  • Be patient with yourself and you will grow and see your progress in no time. The benefits come from the awareness with which you stretch, not how far you stretch.

  • Some people may experience minor muscle soreness after yoga. This soreness can be treated with applied cold packs for the first 24 hours and moist heat or Epsom Salt baths thereafter. This pain may not present itself for 1-2 days after class. However, if you experience severe pain in your back, neck or joints, or if the pain or discomfort last for more than 3 days, this is an indication that you are pushing or straining in the exercises. Please talk with the teacher about this.

  • Drink lots of water after class, preferably room temperature (to keep your digestive fire strong); this will help flush your system of the toxins released from your body tissues during yoga.

  • Spend some quiet time after class to allow yourself to integrate the beneficial changes you've made in your body, mind and emotions. This is one reason we practice Savasana (relaxation) at the end of class.

While you will notice some very definite changes from just one weekly class, practicing on your own in between classes and/or taking more classes each week can dramatically increase the benefits. At home, experiment with one or two exercises that you like, and try them in the morning just after you wake up(the Sun Salutation is a good morning exercise), or at night just before going to sleep. Even a few minutes a day will markedly increase your concentration, resistance to stress and resistance to disease. If possible practice regularly at the same chosen time and place.

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