Our Teachers

Melonie Nielsen, LMT

Melonie has been a Massage Therapist(#14790), Structural Integration Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner for two decades. She has been the owner of Vancouver Yoga Center since 2001. Through the years she has had the privilege to have thousands of students come through the doors of the studio. Watching how they move and navigate the yoga poses as they compensated for their past injuries, lead to much research and study on alignment and body mechanics. Applying good anatomy to the poses she has helped many people out of chronic pain patterns. 

With over 2000 hours of training, 10,000 hours of teaching experience and 3000 hours of teaching teachers to be teachers. She considers herself an all around yoga nerd.

Melonie Studied massage at East West College of the Healing arts, Structural Integration with Tom Meyers of KMI Anatomy trains, lived and studied at various Sivananda Ashrams and 13 years with John Friend of Anusara yoga. She also has extensive training in Ayurvedic Medicine, Nutrition, Herbology and Philosophy with Douglas Brooks and Paul Muller-Ortega. 

She leads a full-time structural bodywork and private yoga therapy practiceyoga teacher training and Yoga as Structural Therapy programs, continuing education for manual and movement practitioners, and runs the Vancouver Yoga Center.

View her massage website at www.melonienielsen.com

Read the Columbian newspaper article on Melonie and VYC

Lindsey Lee, LMT

Lindsey Lee is a Yoga instructor certified through Vancouver Yoga Center's Teacher Training Program. Her interest in philosophy led her to Yoga in 1999 and it was soon after that she felt the calling to share the transformative practice with others. In addition to training in the Anusara-style of Yoga, she spent several years of study and apprenticeship with her first teacher in an Iyengar-influenced style of Yoga. While studying under teachers of varied backgrounds, Lindsey eventually developed her own classes. She is also inspired by perennial spiritual and healing traditions, philosophy and poetry, as well as modern views of health, wellness, the natural world and cosmology.


Lindsey is also a Licensed Massage Therapist(MA #60303231) offering Massage Therapy out of the Vancouver Yoga Center.

To book appointments:

View Lindsey’s website at www.unfoldwellness.com

 or call


Jenny Jasinski

Jenny has been practicing yoga for over 13 years, beginning with Iyengar yoga and transitioning to Hatha and Alignment based yoga. As a natural extension of her own practice, Jenny enrolled in the 200 hour Intensive Teacher Training course at Vancouver Yoga Center and received her teaching certificate from Melonie in 2014. Jenny enjoys the satisfaction derived from the exploration of deepening her own physical and mental yoga practice and wants to bring that curiosity and love to her own students. She embraces the concept of balance in a life, accepting the perfect you at this moment and still exploring and pushing the boundaries of our potential.

When not practicing poses or trying to convince everyone how yoga can be a great addition to their lives, Jenny is camping, hiking, biking, roller skating, knitting, reading or gardening with her family.

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Chante Bastian

Yoga has always brought a grounding force to my life, searching it out where ever I could--be it the latest application that allowed me a private practice, or a free class in the community, yoga was calling for me to make it a bigger part of my life. I received my teaching certification this past year through Vancouver Yoga Center, under the exceptional guidance of Melonie Nielsen. Yoga brought me back into a heart focused space, where I believe life really begins to shine. My goal is to help others find the beauty of living their authentic life, and that starts by going on an inward journey of the soul. Feeling out the inner spaces of our bodies, until we can feel the expansion of the soul. 

Teresa Rodriguez

Teresa Rodriguez grew up in Eastern Washington, but fell in love with exploring the world, soaking up culture, and listening to people's stories. While she loves to travel, you can often find her drinking mint tea with honey, playing cards, and laughing with friends and family. Being active in the PNW since childhood, she enjoys playing soccer, hiking with her fiance Chandler and their dog Chara, and practicing yoga. Teresa's first yoga class was twelve years ago in 2006 at the University of Idaho, where she studied music and communications, setting the foundation for her life-long love of yoga and appreciation for healthy habits. Her goals in life are to always share her practice, eat delicious food, and appreciate every moment this life has to offer. Gandhi once said, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

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Samantha Fisher

Samantha was initially drawn to studying yoga as a component of holistic healing. She had noticed herself feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally through her personal practice and was deeply drawn to creating that space for others to experience their own transformations in health and well-being. She moved back to her Vancouver hometown in 2017 and began practicing at the Vancouver Yoga Center. At the same time she started studying Integrated Movement Therapy, a yoga-based therapy modality, with Molly Lannon Kenny. In 2018 she attended the Samarya Yoga Teacher Training as part of the IMT training continuum as well as Vancouver Yoga Center’s teacher training immersion program. She is passionate about creating  joyful, compassionate, healing spaces for people to nourish their bodies, hearts, and minds. She loves getting out into the wild, composing herbal remedies, and exploring the intersection of health, psychology, spirituality, and the natural world. She is founder of The Anahata Movement, an organization dedicated to walking with people on their journeys towards wellness and Besitos, a line of herbal body products.  

Bhrigha Getz, LMT

Bhrigha Getz, a self-proclaimed chai and dark chocolate addict, is just your 

average anatomy nerd and energetic alchemist, on a mission to help you find 

your bliss! For 30 years, she’s walked the path of holistic health and 

metaphysical studies, studied healing practices and religions of the world 

looking for all the ways humans have found their zen, nirvana, euphoria, 

satori—AKA bliss. A former professional belly dancer, her first exposure to 

yoga was from a dance teacher who used Iyengar techniques as 

warmups/cooldowns to help correct alignment issues. Yoga poses & stretches 

were invaluable during her 15 year professional dance career. Fast forward to 

2018, and she met Melonie, after pestering her in email for a few years. 

Regular yoga soon became a necessity during a difficult time, & she then 

decided to officially pursue a 200 hour yoga teacher trainer certification, 

which she finished in January of 2019. She completes a Yoga for Trauma 

Teacher Training certification in November of 2019 & intends to pursue a 

Yoga Nidra certification after that. Bringing 25 years of anatomy & 

physiology background as an LMT (WA MA25141), multiple Classical Pilates 

teacher certifications on mat & apparatus, plus numerous energetic healing 

techniques, Bhrigha has a diverse wealth of knowledge to pull from in 

creating classes. Having studied yoga with Melonie since May 2018, she 

deeply admires what’s been created here at Vancouver Yoga Center & is 

honoured to become part of the teaching team. Bhrigha hopes to bring a 

Restorative, Yin, Trauma-Informed approach, a focus on core connection & 

proper alignment, with an empathic & spiritual touch to her classes. Bhrigha 

believes that everyone can benefit from yoga.  She runs her own full time 

private practice: Blissed Bodywork, Academy, & Botanic. In her free time, 

she is writing a book about her 22 years of raising wolfdogs, loves the seasons 

of the beautiful PNW, spending time with her husband & fur kids, organic 

gardening, and crafting herbal remedies at her rural home.  



Gail Lordi, LMT

Gail's path in the healing arts has an emphasis on Eastern modalities. She began her journey studying Eastern techniques during her time living in a small mountain village in Japan. She had the unique experience of taking on a Shiatsu apprenticeship while teaching overseas. In addition to Gail’s extensive Shiatsu training, she has advanced training in Thai massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, & yoga.

Her compassion for others wellbeing is fused with her intuition and anatomical knowledge. She utilizes her positive energy and skilled techniques to provide professional, therapeutic care to each individual she comes in contact with.

She has been a Massage Therapist since 2002 working in Wellness Centers and with Physical Therapists. She is gifted in assisting people of all ages and backgrounds with patience and careful consideration.

Gail is also a registered and experienced yoga teacher who loves to dive deeper into her studies. She enjoys music, outdoor activities in all seasons, & loves to garden.

Matthew Zorn, Homeopathic Practitioner

Life long yogi of the Siddha Yoga Lineage.Matt Zorn is a Homeopathic Practitioner having got his training in Naturopathic Medicine in Portland at NUNM. Zorn has a way of conveying the knowledge of the east and of the heart that is experiential. He will guide us through the wisdom and understanding of the heart and mind in his inspirational talks and meditations at the Center.

Zorn practices Homeopathy at:

Fulcrum Healthcare 1312 E Burnside, Portland, Or


He can be reached at:



Follow his heart felt and inspiration writings on his blog